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ServiceApp.co Ltd. is a registered limited company in England, United Kingdom with international sister companies and branches. Our slogan "Professionals' Home" is inspired by the fact that our App is the primary source for any professional you might need and you wish to contact. And our slogan "Let's Connect" is driven from our vision of connecting people to trade and do business without barriers. Our primary goal is to promote local services for the benefit of local communities. Hence, our App is a  combination of world class search engine of local services, products and jobs and instant In-App messaging and calling between customers and traders.  

Those qualities and many others make us the dream App for many users. You can now easily find your nearby dentist or call a taxi from the same App. And if you need a tutor or looking for a job yourself, ServiceApp.co is definitely the right App for you.

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Search Nearby Services

  • Add your own Service or Find any service you need, for example physiotherapist, dentist, accountant or plumber. 
  • See their opening hours and chat or call them instantly for free
  • Send them your own job proposal

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Shopping Is Fun

  • Add your own Products or search for toys, clothing or anything you wish to buy.
  • See your payment and delivery options
  • Filter your search by distance or price
  • In-App Chat to the seller and Call them about the Product for free

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Mark Favourites

Mark services you visit frequently or products you wish to buy later as favourite and access them instantly from your profile page. 

Mark also your favourite jobs to decide which one is best for you later.

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Look for Stars

Any user who is offering a Service, Product or Job can get own stars by their own customers. 

Give your stars carefully and look for them when considering the quality of Service, you might get.

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Add & Find Jobs

Add your own Job proposal and let professionals contact you i.e. car service to fix your car or a tutor to give your children a math or a music lesson.

Browse Jobs to find the right one for your profession and contact your client instantly.