How it works?


How do I make my service easy to find?

image16 displays all results primarily by the distance from the user. Your service, product or job would come up first in the results to customers that you are the nearest to them. 

The users can search the App by Service Name, Category, or Speciality.  If the users don’t know the name of your service, they would search for services by Category i.e. “Health and Medical Services” or by Speciality i.e. “Dentist”. Choosing the right category and the right speciality is the key for a successful finding of your service by other users.

Does In-App messaging and calling cost me money?

image17 is determined to make the service All Free as much as possible. So as an App we don’t charge any cost for your calls and messages regardless how often and how long you use them. However, you might be charged by your phone network for internet connection.

How is the location of Services, Products and Jobs is determined?


All locations are determined by user's phone GPS. The location of Services, Products and Jobs are automatically set up based on user's phone GPS at the time of registering those Services, Products and Jobs.

Can I run English App and display my profile in French or Arabic?

English French Arabic application

We are proud in our developer team who created technical solution to this challenge. Even if your run an English or French version of the App and you choose i.e. “Restaurant or Coffee” as a category for your service and the customer search for the equivalent in Arabic language, your service will still come up. However, it is vital that you write your speciality in the language that you think your customer is going to use. The other option is to write your speciality in multiple languages. The same principle applies for products and jobs categories, the App would automatically translate the category for you, but you need to choose the right language when typing the name of your product or job.

How to report abuse?

reprot abuse 
safe application for bussiness

Unlike many other application and social media networks, in we take any form of abuse very seriously and we are proud to have very effective reporting and monitoring system of abuse on our App. If you encounter any inappropriate content in our App all what you need to do is to press on the “!” button that you can find on top of each service, product or job page, or you can go to the user’s profile and press “report user” button, then add to text box any additional information that you think would help us in our decision making.

How to I get my business sponsored?

advertise service 
advertise products
advertise jobs

Our primary aim in is to promote local business to local customers, that is why all services, products and jobs are displayed primarily from the nearest point to the customer’s location.

However, we also understand the need of businesses to grow across wide geography. That is why we have created our “Sponsored” boxes that are displayed to customers in fixed places in the listings, even they are far away from the sponsored business address. If you want your service, product or job to be displayed in our “Sponsored” boxes please contact our marketing team at